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Country by mail - Nordic home decoration

The owner and founder of the company is Maria Engström. Maria lives as she learns, on the country side, just outside a small northern town called Örnsköldsvik, in Sweden.  

The Swedish webshop opened in August 2006. The inspiration to the shop came from foreign web shops. At that time web shops in Sweden were rare and countrybymail was the first one that started selling country style products. The response from the press was overwhelming and the company grew very fast resulting in an new employee already after a few months.

In summer 2008 also the Finnish version of the shop was launched, and now, by autumn 2009 we are ready to open an English version of the shop, Maria says. She continues, already today we have had customers from all over the world. Parcels have been sent out as far as to Australia and we now feel ready to accept more customers from the EU.


Many procucts in the shop come from foreign countries. We visit several fairs every year, both in Sweden and abroad and always look for new products on our travels. It is our aim to offer unique products that you can not find everywhere and products that really represents the Nordic country style. Most products are made from natural materials and in natural colours.

The antique and vintage products are mainly sourced in Sweden. In Sweden we have a long tradition of keeping old things and thus they are easy to find and we can offer them to really good prices. We also buy antique and vintage items from France and Germany, things we like but that are hard to find in Sweden. We love the combination of creating a pale Nordic country interior with a French twist.

In spring 2008 we lauched our own textile collection. Maria is the designer and all of the products are made from pure linen, either in white or natural linen colour. The linen collection changes all the time; new items are added and favourites are kept for a long time. We are particularly fond of combining home textiles made from pure linen with a pale interior together with shabby chic furniture.