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Stencils, for walls, floors and textiles

To use stencils is an easy way to create your own unique decoration in your home. These stencils can be used on walls, textiles and paper for example. The stencil is made from a sturdy plastic film out of which the picture or text has been cut out. You just fill out the spaces. To decorate your home with the help of stencils gives your home the same feeling as a very old hand painted decoration.

The stecil is easily atached on the suface with tape or glue spray. Put the stencil in position and fill out the spaces with waterbased, fast drying pain, in the colour that fits your home. The stencil is easily cleaned with water and after that ready to be used again and again.

Stencil, laurel branches
Lovely stencil with two laurel branches.
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Stencil, olive branches, small leaves
Lovely stencil with two olive branches.
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